Energy storage capacitors available in seven small case sizes

05-08-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics now offers seven new smaller Vishay ENYCAP in case sizes ranging from 10mm x 20mm to 12.5mm x 40mm and capacitance values from 5F to 22F.

These electrical double-layer energy storage capacitors are intended for energy harvesting and power backup applications. With their new compact sizes, the standard 220 EDLC, ruggedised 225 EDLC-R, high voltage 230 EDLC-HV, and ruggedised, high voltage 235 EDLC-HVR series ENYCAP capacitors improve power density and save space in an extensive range of industrial, renewable energy, and automotive applications. These incorporate smart meters, handheld electronics, energy harvesting devices, robotics, emergency lighting, e-latch door systems, and more.

Excellent for standard and harsh, high humidity environments, these capacitors provide a useful life up to 2,000 hours at +85C to facilitate maintenance-free operation and greater design flexibility. Ruggedised devices satisfy the highest class of moisture resistance, the biased 85C/85% RH 1500-hour test. In contrast, high voltage capacitors give rated voltages up to 3V. The RoHS-compliant, AEC-Q200 qualified devices provide rapid charge and discharge performance and are offered in through-hole versions.

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