Digital thermometer kit for air conditioning and refrigeration systems

13-08-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The Testo smart probes AC and refrigeration kit, available now from RS Components, contains two testo 549i high-pressure gauges, two testo 605i thermohygrometer and two testo 115i clamp thermometers. The kit can be employed in conjunction with a smartphone or tablet.

The testo 549i and testo 115i can be swiftly and simply attached right at the pressure connection or the temperature measuring point. They also make it far easier to operate on measuring points that are a long distance apart, due to wireless connection to a smartphone or tablet. More than 90 common refrigerants are stored, and the 100m Bluetooth range makes it particularly flexible.

The kit is excellent for servicing, troubleshooting and installing air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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