Capacitor extends low-ESR series expanded up to over 600F

11-08-2020 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics now supplies CDE Illinois Capacitor’s DGH Supercapacitor Series newly expanded up to 600F. The low-ESR, low-cost DGH Series comprises 24 different value/voltage combinations, varying in capacitance from 0.5F to 600F, with voltage ratings from 2.7WVDC to 5.5WVDC.

The rated operating temperature span of the series is -40C to 65C at maximum WVDC, or from -40C to 85C at 2.3V. Multiple devices can be banked in parallel or series for yet higher voltage or capacitance.

Due to their huge energy storage, DGH supercaps can discharge instant bursts of power to smooth power interruptions, supplement batteries, or even be employed in place of batteries in some applications. Unlike batteries, these devices do not degrade with each cycle. At 2.7V, operating life is rated at ten years with 500,000 charge/discharge cycles.

The supercapacitors are suitable for applications including energy harvesting, IoT systems, mechanical actuators, transportation power, pulse battery pack alternatives, smart electric meters, memory backup, battery/capacitor hybrids, UPS systems, LED power, emergency lighting, solar lighting and many other devices needing maximum energy storage in a minimum of space.

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