TVS array thwarts malicious and accidental USB killer attacks

29-07-2020 | Protek | Semiconductors

ProTek Devices has launched a TVS array able to guard against malicious or unsuspecting USB Killer attacks that are shown to be extremely costly to organisations in equipment and data loss. The new component allows circuit protection against positive ESD, fast surge voltage transients, and high negative voltage transients at data lines such as with USB Killer devices.

USB Killers, when plugged into a USB port, can instantly destroy the device it is attached to and endanger other connected devices. USB killers have been employed to maliciously damage equipment. However, they can also be an unsuspecting threat when people confuse them for a common USB memory stick. The company’s PRUSB05UBK component is particularly designed to thwart such threats.

The new steering diode/TVS array is perfect for dual USB 2.0 ports, USB 1.0, and the power bus. It is also ideal for circuit protection of gigabit ethernet ports, video card interfaces, portable electronics, and DVI interfaces.

By Natasha Shek