New sulfur-resistant high-power thick film chip resistors

01-07-2020 | TTI Europe | Passives

Available now from TTI Europe these new surface mount series help strengthen the already extensive array of surface mount chip resistors by Bourns. The new model CMP series anti-surge resistor has high rated power of up to 1.5W, superior pulse load capability and high-reliability performance.

The new CMP-A series is AEC-Q200 compliant with protection against sulfur growth, which is a growing concern for customers utilising thick-film technology products in tough environments.

The new CHP-A series sulfur-resistant, AEC-Q200 compliant resistor provides triple-rated power compared to general-purpose resistors. The high power-to-size ratio offers space-savings and improved mounting density on the PCB, which is extremely important for high-performance mobile devices and telecommunications applications, and home appliances.

Typical applications for these devices include power supplies, digital meters, consumer electronics, LED lighting, communication base stations, mobile devices, and industry control boards.

By Natasha Shek