Non-contact IR thermometer offers fast sampling with high accuracy

18-06-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

The RS Components RS PRO medical IR thermometer, created as a handheld device that identifies the body temperature by employing a non-contact method of measurement. This instrument can also measure the surface temperature of objects using the Surface Temperature function. The non-invasive and non-contact method of temperature measurement eliminates the issue of having to rely on employing a physical contact on the person or surface to get a reading from it, making it excellent for use in environments like hospitals, other medical and healthcare environments and more. This IR laser temperature detector offers fast sampling with high accuracy, making it an especially useful and versatile tool over a variety of applications.

Infrared thermometers are devices that measure the surface temperature of an object. They usually employ a laser to point at the surface for the reading to be taken, while others include a temperature probe that measures the inside temperature of an object. Infrared thermometers are an essential device for individuals who wish to measure the temperatures of something without any physical touching.

The devices are suitable for medical and healthcare environments like hospitals, clinics and primary care units.

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