New miniaturised SMD potentiometers feature click sensation

25-06-2020 | Piher | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Piher Sensing Systems has re-designed its PT-6 Carbon Potentiometer for high-temperature lead-free SMD production. High-temperature plastics, flat suction areas for vacuum pipettes optimum assembly and a new pad design allow the company's customers to use automated placement of this component on their circuit board employing reflow solder and therefore simplifying their manufacturing processes.

A wide variety of options, incorporating the unique stop positions (detents) that give users the desirable tactile feedback on each position setting and selection. Detents not only add a crisp 'click' sensation for each position but also provide notable savings in cost and space. They are also especially beneficial in industrial, home automation and domestic power tool applications to stop accidental movement.

“The detent feature for 6mm potentiometer lines is a complete market breakthrough, says Jose Luis Macía, commercial director. “With the re-engineered 6mm potentiometers, Piher now provides a reliable rotary ‘click’ sensation into its smallest line of rotary controls on both standard mounting versions (through-hole and SMD).”

The company's 6mm potentiometers are already used in hundreds of white goods, appliance panel control, motor control, power supply, and automotive sensing applications, now offer product designers the full features of its larger products in a miniature package.

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