New high-power rated model series meets the rigors of harsh environments

04-06-2020 | Bourns | Passives

Bourns has announced three new high-power rated thick film resistor model series. Bourns Models CMP/CMP-A are anti-surge devices that highlight a wide resistance range from 1Ohm to 1megohm and high rated power up to 1.5W. Supporting even higher power designs, its Model CHP-A resistor series provides triple-rated power, with one model that provides 3W of rated power at 70C, which is one of the highest-rated resistor power offerings in the industry. Also, Models CMP-A and CHP-A are AEC-Q200 compliant and sulfur-resistant due to the growing demand for more ruggedised components that can function reliably in certain harsh environments.

The Model CMP is the enhanced performance version of the CRM resistor series. Compared to the CRM series, it offers a higher power rating, higher working voltage, and higher pulse power handling abilities. The new series is also offered in a smaller 0603 form factor that satisfies today's highly integrated, space-constrained design demands.

The company produced its latest fixed resistors to work in certain harsh environments with higher levels of sulfur contamination. They are manufactured employing a thick film element printed onto a ceramic substrate and tested in accordance with ASTM B809-95 methods which analyse the porosity of metallic coatings exposed to humid sulfur vapour.

The three-model series are also RoHS compliant and halogen-free.