E-stop switches meet the strictest safety standards

17-06-2020 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The Apem expanded IDEC emergency stop switch product portfolio, available from TTI Europe, now incorporates IDEC models XA, X6, XN1E/5E, XN4E, EU2B, FB1W, XW, HW and YW. With a view to the best possible user safety, IDEC has developed two patented technologies that meet even the strictest safety standards in force today, such as ISO 13850 and EN60947-5-5.

The X-Series emergency stop switches are designed with Safety Break Action, an energy reversal technology. As soon as the 'On' button is not precisely positioned, damaged or broken loose, the e-stop takes up his safety position with separate contacts. This function reliably avoids all risks that can arise from incorrect installation or damage. This advantage pays off, particularly in the case of strongly extended emergency stop switches or switches with a removable contact block, which is often more prone to defects.

The switches are suitable for multiple uses including machine tools, maschine, control panel, operation panel, remote control, packing machine, operation machine, warehouse control, assembly line, production line, material handling, electric vehicle, charging station, lift, forklift, carrier, transportation, warning system, safety application, and security application.

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