Broad range of LVDT position sensors designed for harsh environments

17-06-2020 | TE Connectivity | Test & Measurement

LVDT position sensors from TE Connectivity offer standard and custom solutions based on hydraulic application demands of ICT off-highway equipment and industrial machine tools.

“TE continues to offer one of the broadest range of LVDT position sensors designed to meet the harsh environmental demands of hydraulic applications,” said Shane Lauth, senior project manager. “Customers are able to get a hydraulic LVDT with the form, fit, function and AC or DC processing needed for their system design. These sensors enable better system and feedback controls with high accuracy and fast response time.”

Optimised for hydraulic valves and actuators, the company’s LVDT position sensors are extremely accurate, reliable, compact and adaptable.

The sensor accuracy can measure spool position within one-thousandth of an inch and infinite resolution. Together with a fast dynamic response, these sensors facilitate better system controls and precise measurement for demanding applications and increase operating efficiency.

The friction-free operation allows reliable sensor life and repeatability, enabling hydraulic LVDTs to be employed in demanding, high-cycle applications. These position sensors are hermetically sealed and can be installed inside valves, able to withstand high pressure (up to 10,000psi) and harsh exposure such as hydraulic fluid.

The LVDT position sensors are ideal for employment in industrial and ICT applications.

By Natasha Shek