AFE MCUs for precision sensing and measurement applications

25-06-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

RS Components has launched a new series of single-chip devices from Renesas, the RX23E-A MCUs which connect an AFE and an MCU core for usage in equipment that produces high-precision measurements of analogue signals, including temperature, pressure, weight or flow.

Intended for manufacturing, and test and measurement equipment, including sensing or force measuring devices or temperature controllers, the group of MCUs provide better than 0.1% precision without calibration. Also, the high level of integration provided by these MCUs with high-precision sensor measurement, computation, control and communications on a single chip, means equipment makers can decrease their BOM, save board space and simplify system design.

The digital part of the devices is based on an advanced RXv2 core, which offers operating speeds of 32MHz and excels at DSP and FPU operations. The microcontroller also allows adaptive control techniques utilising temperature data and inverse matrix calculations based on six-axis distortion data, which can make it excellent for robot-arm force sensors in industrial manufacturing applications.

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