PMIC is a highly-configurable multi-output power management unit PLP

01-04-2020 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Qorvo ACT85610 PMIC is a highly integrated, highly-configurable multiple output power management unit with built-in PLP. The device, available now from Mouser, comprises four high-efficiency Bucks that can supply 3x 4A and 1x 2A current, with the output as low as 0.6V. Also, there is a Boost regulator with 12V output and a fixed output Buck to give the power for the IC itself and to provide power to the gate drivers in regulators for maximum efficiency.

The PLP gives backup storage power in the event of an input power failure. A built-in boost converter offers high voltage energy storage to reduce storage capacitor size needs. The built-in supplement Buck converter regulates the storage voltage to a fixed output voltage. It includes internal, back-to-back eFuse FETs to give bi-directional input to output isolation. The device also offers hot-swap and inrush current control.

The PMIC is provided in a 6mm2 QFN package and is lead-free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant.

Typical applications include SSD, backup power, hot plug devices, and industrial applications.

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