Ultra-precision thin film flat chip resistors offer increased accuracy

05-03-2020 | Vishay | Passives

Vishay Intertechnology has extended its TNPU e3 series of Automotive Grade ultra-precision thin film flat chip resistors with a new space-saving component in a compact 0402 case size.

Providing excellent long-term stability — for example, permitted maximum resistance change ≤0.05% for 1000 hours at rated power P70 — the Vishay Draloric TNPU e3 series consolidates the proven dependability of the TNPW series with lower temperature coefficients down to ±5ppm/K and tighter tolerances down to ±0.02% for improved accuracy. This unique combination makes the AEC-Q200 qualified resistors ideally suited for applications including operational amplifier circuits and sensors for test and measurement, industrial, medical, automotive, and telecommunications equipment.

The series components are ideal for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems and automatic soldering using wave, reflow, or vapour phase. The resistors are RoHS-compliant, and their pure tin plating provides compatibility with lead (Pb)-free and lead (Pb)-containing soldering processes.

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