Transmission speed and direction sensor improves system design efficiency

03-03-2020 | Allegro | Test & Measurement

Allegro MicroSystems has released the ATS19580, what is claimed to be the industry’s first fully integrated, back-biased giant magneto-resistive (GMR) transmission speed and direction sensor. Delivering the highest level of in-system performance for the application, the device decreases system size, complexity and cost, producing improved fuel economy.

Combining GMR technology with the company's transmission algorithms and packaging, the device provides the highest performance transmission sensor to date.

“By monolithically integrating our proprietary GMR technology with leading digital processing we’ve set a new standard for transmission speed sensing, achieving the highest level of in-system performance ever,” explains Peter Wells, business unit director for speed sensors at Allegro. “The ATS19580’s ability to reach formerly unachievable airgaps with the best vibration performance on the market simplifies the customers Speed Sensor integration and allows them to design safe, fuel-efficient systems.”