Remote debug solution adds encryption

26-03-2020 | Segger | Test & Measurement

SEGGER’s J-Link Remote Server is a tested way to debug remotely. The solution has been employed for many years to debug target systems, thousands of miles away, even behind firewalls. A particularly important use was for system bring-up when hardware availability was limited, expensive, or difficult.

Developers can simply connect from home and utilise any tool that supports J-Link. The solution functions exactly the same as if it were sitting right on the developer’s desk.

Paired with authenticated access to the J-Link Remote Server, and the encrypted communication tunnel between software and probe, remote access is a further rock-solid debug option for the solution based on the algorithms of emCrypt. The authentication employs challenge-response methods to ensure the password is never visible on the wire. The end-to-end encryption of the debug stream assures that the application can be securely transferred via wire.

The J-Link Remote Server can be utilised at no cost with any J-Link model, including base models with only USB interface. The software is included in the 'J-Link Software and Documentation Package' that is supplied with every model J-Link or J Trace.

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