High-speed signal conditioner with battery charging controller

24-03-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments TUSB216 is a third-generation USB 2.0 high-speed signal conditioner created to compensate both AC loss (due to capacitive load) and DC loss (due to resistive loss) in the transmission channel.

The device uses a patented design to speed-up transition edges of USB 2.0 high-speed signal with an edge booster and improves static levels with a DC boost function. Also, the device incorporates a pre-equalisation function to increase the receiver sensitivity and compensate the inter-symbol interference jitter in application with longer cable length. USB low-speed and full-speed signal characteristics are unaffected by the device.

The device improves signal quality with no alteration of the packet timing or adding propagation delay or latency.

The device helps a system to pass the USB 2.0 high-speed near end eye compliance with a 5m cable.

The device is compatible with the USB OTG and battery charging (BC 1.2) protocols. The Integrated BC 1.2 battery charging controller can be facilitated via a control pin.

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