Small eight-channel SAR ADC offers ease of use

25-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

The Texas Instruments ADS7038 is an easy-to-use, eight-channel, multiplexed, 12-bit, 1-MSPS, SAR ADC. The eight channels are able to be independently configured as either digital inputs, digital outputs or analog inputs. The device provides an internal oscillator for the ADC conversion process.

The device communicates via an SPI-compatible interface and operates in either autonomous or single-shot conversion mode. The ADC implements the analog watchdog function by event-triggered interrupts per channel employing a digital window comparator with programmable high and low thresholds, hysteresis, and an event counter. The device has a built-in CRC for data read/write operations and the power-up configuration.

Typical applications include macro remote radio units, battery management systems, string inverters, and central inverters.

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