MEMS environmental sensor designed for ultra-low-pressure sensing

28-02-2020 | Bourns | Test & Measurement

Bourns has introduced a new environmental pressure sensor model offering high accuracy, 3.3 V and ultra-low-pressure range abilities. Bourns Model BPS125 pressure sensors are based on state-of-the-art MEMS technology and achieve precision performance in miniature package size. Created for space-constrained, 3.3V digital systems that necessitate extremely sensitive and accurate readings, the device can measure pressure in the 250 to 500Pa range providing an amplified, calibrated pressure reading that can be obtained from the digital interface.

The fully calibrated and compensated digital output offered in the company's new model assists in decreasing processor workloads and eliminates the requirement for A/D conversion while giving long-term stability for reliable repeatability. The blend of features provided by the sensors also serves to improve the performance and efficiency of end applications making them excellent solutions for a variety of industrial, consumer and medium/low-risk medical designs comprising portable oxygen generators, nebulisers, CPAP equipment, diagnostic spirometers and gas chromatography equipment.

The device is highly sensitive and stable, offering a TEB of 1.5% FS over a temperature range of 0C to +60C (Six-Sigma process), and a lifetime drift of 0.5% FS. The device features I2C digital output and is provided in 250 and 500Pa calibrations that help in reducing system calibration demands and assist support system uptime. Simply integrated, these new SMT board mount pressure sensors also aid in reducing development time.