Green thick film resistors are free of Pb and its compounds

10-02-2020 | TTI Europe | Passives

TT Electronics green thick film chip resistor product series, available now from TTI Europe, is being launched to complement conventional product series. So far, general-purpose chip WCR, resistor chip array BCN and high voltage chip HVC have been joined by exemption-free RoHS compliant 'green' versions, which are designated GWCR, GBCN and GHVC respectively.

This proactive move employs materials which are completely free of Pb (lead) and its compounds, which enables the products to be RoHS compliant without relying on exemptions which may be narrowed in scope or completely withdrawn in the future. This in turn delivers to designers future-proof environmental compliance, avoiding the risk of expensive requalification costs, as well as supporting the development of truly Pb-free green electronic products.

The series includes the GWCR which is suitable for general purpose use. The GBCN is suitable for digital bus bias and termination, compact analogue designs, process controllers, body control modules and medical devices. The GHVC is suitable for high voltage applications in power supplies, circuit breakers and medical monitor input protection.

By Natasha Shek