GaN power stage helps realise new levels of power density and efficiency

07-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments LMG341xR050 GaN Power Stage includes integrated driver and protection to enable designers to realise new levels of power density and efficiency in power electronics systems. The device's inherent advantages over silicon MOSFETs incorporate ultra-low input and output capacitance, zero reverse recovery to decrease switching losses up to 80%, and low switch node ringing to decrease EMI. These advantages facilitate dense and efficient topologies like the totem-pole PFC.

The device offers a smart alternative to traditional cascode GaN and standalone GaN FETs by combining a unique set of features to ease design, maximise reliability and optimise the performance of any power supply. Integrated gate drive allows 100V/ns switching with near-zero Vds ringing. This provides less than 100ns current-limiting response self-protects against unintended shoot-through events, overtemperature shutdown stops thermal runaway, and system interface signals give self-monitoring capability.

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