Delta-Sigma ADC is excellent fit for energy metering and power metrology

26-02-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments ADS131M08 8-Channel Delta-Sigma ADC is an eight-channel, simultaneously-sampling, 24-bit, delta-sigma ADC.

This ADC offers a wide dynamic range, low-power, and energy-measurement-specific features. These features make the device an excellent fit for energy metering, power metrology, and circuit breaker applications. The ADC inputs can be directly interfaced with a resistor-divider network or a power transformer to measure voltage, to a current transformer or a Rogowski coil to measure current. These individual ADC channels can be individually configured, dependent on the sensor input. A low-noise, PGA provides gains ranging from one to 128 to amplify low-level signals. This device combines channel-to-channel phase calibration, and offset and gain calibration registers to assist in removing signal-chain errors.

A low-drift, 1.2V reference is combined into the device, decreasing the PCB area. CRC options can be individually enabled on the data input, data output, and register map to assure communication integrity.

The complete AFE is provided in a 32-pin TQFP or leadless 32-pin WQFN package and is specified over the industrial temperature range of –40C to +125C.

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