Ultra-compact and harsh media resistant digital pressure and temperature sensor now available

16-01-2020 | TE Connectivity | Test & Measurement

Miniaturization, performance and precision are essential for sensors embedded in consumer devices such as swim watches and diving equipment, hence producing a growing demand for high-performing and particularly precise sensors. To meet this increasing demand, TE Connectivity has released the MS5839-02BA, an ultra-compact, chlorine resistant digital pressure and temperature sensor.

The device is a digital altimeter, measuring 3.3mm x 3.3mm x 2.75mm, optimised for applications where chlorine and saline are present. The robust, gel-filled design of the device allows operation in harsh environments while producing reliable and accurate digital measurements.

“Innovation to meet customer demand continues to be at the forefront of everything we do at TE Connectivity,” said Dr. Xérviar Esebamen, product manager of TE sensors business. “The MS5839 is an excellent choice for next-generation application designs for device manufacturers with its harsh media resistance and ultra-compact size. It further enhances our commitment to help design engineers meet safety, productivity, efficiency, and sustainability objectives in an increasingly interconnected world.”

This MEMS-based sensor provides advanced water resistance, chlorine resistance, shielding, low power consumption and digital interconnectivity in an ultra-compact, low profile package. The board-level design provides sensing accuracy for both pressure (±0.5mbar) and temperature (±2C) measurements and is perfect for applications including shallow diving computers, fitness trackers, swim watches, underwater vehicles and diving equipment.

By Natasha Shek