Proving units for safe isolation and calibration checking

17-01-2020 | RS Components | Test & Measurement

With all the benefits of the industry standard Martindale PD440 and PD690 proving units, the new PDS and PDSX models come in an over-moulded low-profile case with magnetic hanger. These units are available now from RS Components. They are fast and simple to use, immediately supplying the full test voltage for both high and low impedance voltage indicators, test lamps and meters.

The SX Series offers a unique CALCHECK feature making it straightforward to verify the insulation and low resistance ranges on 18th Edition multifunction testers, wherever the user is working. Also, the new SX models have stepped voltage LEDs with thresholds matched to most voltage indicators and two-pole testers.

The devices are ideal for proving low and high impedance voltage indicators, test lamps and two-pole testers. The product includes an MG3 high strength magnetic hanger and is colour coded for voltage output (440V and 690V). The device provides a long battery life with low battery indicator and auto power off.

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