Micro-size safety relay enables smaller next-gen safety applications

23-01-2020 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

With a height of only 7.8mm, the new Panasonic 1a1b SFM relay with forcibly guided contacts allows next-gen safety applications to become smaller as ever before with the same performance. The device is available now from TTI Europe. Also, the reflow soldering ability of series makes production processes simpler and more efficient.

To be prepared for all conditions, the relay provides power contacts on NO (6A) and NC (4A) side, which enables it to control loads like valves directly without another relay in between. Low-level load, e.g. for signalling boards in the railway sector is specified at 10V 1mA.

Incorporating a permanent magnet coil system even in its miniaturised body, the device provides a very high shock and vibration resistance ≥20g and low coil holding power of 100mW. In combination with 3V or 5V coils, this supports the use with a µC.

Typical applications include safety controls, safety relays, emergency stop switches, elevators, escalators, cable cars, railway and signalling, medical process technology, entrance control, gate control, and safety machine and process technology.

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