Hybrid surge protective device designed for AC infrastructure applications

08-01-2020 | Bourns | Power

Bourns has released the Model 1202 Series. This Type 1 hardwired hybrid surge protective device is designed for AC infrastructure applications. The company's engineers have combined their fast-responding MOV technology with its low leakage GDT technology to provide a device that supplies consistent, long-life, reliable and enhanced protection performance. The series uses a full multi-mode protection scheme that can be employed in line-to-line, line-to-neutral and neutral-to-ground configurations.

The innovative hybrid design uses the GDT to isolate the MOV from the line voltage, therefore, shielding it from transients and temporary overvoltage spikes that can potentially damage the MOV over time. The GDT's ultra-low leakage also serves to reduce damage due to watt loss heating.

The series has a nominal current rating of 10kA and a short circuit current rating of 25kA. The device's LED indicators present visual indication when the surge protector encounters any situation that needs its internal safety fusing to activate. Also, the series is IP66/NEMA 4x rated and can be employed indoors or outdoors. As a Type-1 SPD, the series needs no external line fusing or circuit breaker and can be placed on the line side of the main service disconnect. The extensive features designed into the company's latest hybrid SPD make it an optimal solution to defend against lightning threats, up to rated limits, and for AC power-induced problems in applications including service entrances, branch and OEM panels, electrical infrastructures and in equipment and systems cabinets.

The series is available in a 120Vrms version as well as a 120/240 Split Phase version. Both models are RoHS compliant and listed to UL 1449, Issue 4.

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