Audio ADC offers high-performance features

08-01-2020 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments TLV320ADCx140 4-ch, 768kHz, Burr-Brown Audio ADC supports simultaneous sampling of up to four analog channels or eight digital channels for the PDM microphone input. The device supports line and microphone inputs and provides for both single-ended and differential input configurations.

The ADC combines programmable channel gain, digital volume control, a programmable microphone bias voltage, a PLL, a programmable HPF, bi-quad filters, low-latency filter modes, and provides for sample rates up to 768kHz. Furthermore, the device supports TDM, I2S, or LJ audio formats, and can be controlled with either the I2C or SPI interface.

The device provides high-performance features, along with the capability to be powered from a single supply of 3.3V or 1.8V. The ADC is an attractive choice for space-constrained audio systems in far-field microphone recording applications. The device is specified from –40C to +125C and is provided in a 24-pin WQFN package.

Typical applications include microphone array systems, voice-activated digital assistants, teleconferencing systems, security and surveillance systems.

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