Synchronous buck regulators in compact package offer peak efficiencies of 98%

04-12-2019 | Vishay | Power

Vishay Intertechnology has introduced two new families of 2A to 12A microBUCK synchronous buck regulators offering wide input voltage ranges from 4.5V to 55V (SiC476/7/8/9) and 4.5V to 60V (SiC466/7/8/9). Merging rugged, high-performance n-channel trench MOSFETs with a controller in the compact 5x5 PowerPAK package, the Vishay Siliconix devices achieve high efficiency and power density, while their internal compensation decreases the external component count. The regulators share the same controller IC and package outline while giving a range of MOSFET ratings from which designers can choose the best combination of cost and performance.

Offering a low 156 µA operating current and peak efficiency up to 98%, the regulators enable designers to improve power density by decreasing power losses. Combined with the superior thermal design of the 5mm x 5mm package, their efficiency allows cooler operation for enhanced long term reliability while eradicating the necessity for a heatsink. The device's wide safe operating area provides designers the flexibility to sustain a wide range of working temperature and current demands. This enables designers to reduce the PCB size, simplify thermal management, and decrease system costs.

With their input voltage ranges and an adjustable output voltage from 24V down to 0.8V, the family regulators are excellent for a broad range of applications. These include DC-DC converters for industrial and factory automation, industrial computing, home automation, base station power supplies, wall transformer regulation, 5G network equipment and small cells, battery management systems, robotics, drones, power tools, and vending, ATM, and slot machines.

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