New ultra-broadband capacitors ensure low insertion over wide bandwidth

09-12-2019 | New Yorker Electronics | Passives

New Yorker Electronics is now supplying three new series of Exxelia Ultra-Broadband Dielectric Ceramic Capacitors. These new broadband capacitors exhibit low insertion loss up to 40GHz are perfect for High-Speed Data transfers, Optoelectronics, and more.

The company has extended these RF capacitors product offerings with these new ultra-broadband series, the XBL, UBL and UBZ. The capacitors are offered in standard EIA sizes compatible with SMT ‘pick and place’. Its highly reliable ceramic material is also compatible with all soldering processes. The new series assures an ultra-low insertion loss and great return loss over a wide bandwidth.

The UBL, UBZ and XBL Series are essentially designed for optoelectronics and high-speed data, broadband test equipment and broadband applications together with broadband microwave/millimetre wave amplifiers and oscillators. In-circuit

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