MCU sensor kit allows rapid prototyping to help IoT developers

02-12-2019 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments LPSTK-CC1352R CC1352R Wireless MCU LaunchPad Sensor Tag Kit provides integrated environmental and motion sensors, multi-band wireless connectivity and easy-to-use software. These can all be used to help you prototype your next connected application.

This provides a fully enclosed and battery-operated kit created to allow rapid prototyping to help IoT developers evaluate new product ideas without needing to generate any hardware or software from scratch. With this ready-to-go hardware, developers can jumpstart development with out-of-the-box battery operation. It comprises four onboard sensors with the flexibility to add many more through TI BoosterPack ecosystem and other components.

The kit includes LaunchPad SensorTag board and removable enclosure; 10-pin flat ribbon cable for JTAG connection; Sub-1GHz swivel antenna; two-wire female to female cable; and quickstart guide.

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