Low resistance antenna tuning switches is a small and versatile solution

30-12-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Infineon Technologies BGSA143GL10 Low Resistance Antenna Tuning Switch is a small and versatile SP4T RF switch optimised for low COFF. The device, available now from Mouser, offers a low RON, allowing applications up to 6GHz, GPIO digital control lines give the option of SP4T, SPDT, and SPST topology, for optimum flexibility in RF Front-end designs.

The single supply chip blends on-chip CMOS logic control and can be driven by two or three CMOS, or TTL-compatible control input signals. The switch is ideal for switching any reactive devices, due to its high RF voltage ruggedness and OFF RF ports reflective short feature. These reactive devices, including inductors and capacitors in RF matching circuits, provide no significant losses and mitigating, or even eradicating unwanted parasitic RF resonances.

The device is ideal for high Q tuning applications including high-linearity antenna tuning switching and RF tuning.

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