Accelerometer with built-in noise filtering function

18-12-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Test & Measurement

ROHM Group company Kionix offers the availability of accelerometers, KX132-1211 and KX134-1211, perfect for high accuracy, low power motion sensing applications in the consumer wearable and industrial equipment markets.

The KX134-1211 is a three-axis accelerometer optimised for machine condition monitoring. Advanced Data Path technology allows noise filtering, and sensor signal processing normally carried out by the MCU to be performed by the accelerometer. They add to decreasing MCU load and power consumption together with enhanced application performance. Furthermore, to satisfy industrial requirements, the sensing frequency and acceleration detection ranges have been increased to 8,500Hz and ±64g, respectively, while supporting operating temperatures up to 105C. At the same time, the sensor uses less than half the current (0.67μA in low power mode) in comparison to conventional products.

Further features incorporate Wake Up and Back to Sleep functions that add to lower power consumption, allowing sensing operation in battery-equipped wearable devices.

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