Supercapacitor provides high-reliability and cost-effective energy storage solution

12-11-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Passives

Eaton XTM-18 Supercapacitor, available now from Mouser, is a high-reliability and cost-effective energy storage solution that provides high-density power for a variety of applications. This ultra-high capacitance energy storage device uses an EDLC construction combined with proprietary materials and processes. The XTM-18 module with millions of charge/discharge cycles and up to 20 years of operating life can replace or augment existing battery systems. This module exhibit six supercapacitor cells with an ESR of 22mOhm, 18V operating voltage, and 61.7F combined capacitance.

The device is RoHS, halogen-free, and IP54 compliant. The device offers low operating costs and maintenance-free operation and -40C and to 65C operating temperature range (with linear voltage derating to 15V @ 85C).

Typical applications include pallet movers and AGVs, MHE, wind turbines, battery-started generators, and vehicle engines.

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