Small power relay series office and industrial electronic device

22-11-2019 | TTI Europe | Power

The Panasonic DSP series is an 8A power relay in nearly the size of a signal relay. The series is available now from TTI Europe. The series comprises of 54 types, including single side stable, one coil latching and two coil latching operating function for all contact arrangements (1NO, 1NO 1NC, 2NO). Direct driving by transistors and chips is achievable due to a pickup sensitivity of about 190mW in combination with a 3V coil. Other operating voltages are offered up to 24V.

This series of relays has a functional shock resistance of 20g. As an accessory, print sockets are offered.

Typical applications inclue PLC applications, measuring equipment, printers, data recorders, IoT applications, and copiers and facsimile devices.

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