Reducing the cost of SoC technology integration with new PCIe platform

15-11-2019 | Techway | Semiconductors

Xilinx’s SoC is the new disruptive technology for high-end embedded systems. SoC provides an unrivalled level of system performance, flexibility, and scalability. This component is the perfect solution to build stand-alone SWaP optimised equipment.

Techway has considerable development experience in Xilinx FPGA PCIe platform with FMC interface. Due to its know-how, they provide cost-effective solutions to bring SoC technology into industrial applications.

The new PFP-ZU+ is a multi-purpose PCIe platform with FMC+ site based on the most recent Xilinx’s SoC called Zynq UltraScale+. 100% compliant with FMC+ standard, PFP-ZU+ fits all VITA 57.1 and VITA 57.4 mezzanine cards. This board is an ideal fit for system integrators who are seeking to reduce development time thanks to ready-to-integrate boards.

The device’s versatility comes from valuable features comprising a fully FMC+ site, DDR4 and RLDRAM2 memories, a management system, and more. Thanks to ARM processor, the user can access multiple interfaces which enable them to design stand-alone equipment simply. The device is the ideal match between a common real-time processor and a programmable logic equipped platform. It features ZU7CG and ZU11EG SoC to optimise performance/price ratio for high-end applications.

Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC devices offer 64-bit processor scalability while blending real-time control with soft and hard engines for graphics, video, waveform, and packet processing. The device can be easily employed in a standard PC environment (drivers offered for both Linux and Windows) or in the user's own enclosure as a stand-alone equipment.

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