Precision zero-drift op-amp ideal for precision instrumentation and signal measurement

04-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TLV2186 Precision Zero-Drift Operational Amplifier is a low-power, 24V, rail-to-rail input, and output zero-drift op-amp. The device provides only 10µV of offset voltage (typical), and 0.1µV/C of offset voltage drift over temperature (typical). This device is an excellent choice for precision instrumentation, signal measurement, and active filtering applications. Low quiescent current consumption (90µA) makes the device an attractive option for power-sensitive applications, which includes battery-powered instrumentation and portable systems. Furthermore, the high common-mode architecture, as well as with low offset voltage, provides for high-side current shunt monitoring at the positive rail. This device also offers robust ESD protection throughout shipment, handling and assembly.

Typical applications include precision high-side current sensing, bridge amplifier, strain gauge, temperature measurement, resistance temperature detector, weigh scale, thermal meter, and power supply.

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