PoE PSE engineered to insert power into Ethernet cables to IEEE standards

05-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TPS23881 Eight-Channel Power-Over Ethernet PSE is a power sourcing equipment controller engineered to insert power into Ethernet cables per the IEEE 802.3bt standard. The eight different power channels can be configured in any sequence of 1-pair (one-channel) or 4-pair (two-channels) PoE ports. The PSE controller can discover PDs that have a valid signature, ascertain the power demands of the devices according to their classification, and apply power.

The device improves on the TPS23880 with decreased current sense resistors, more accurate programmable power limiting, capacitance measurement, and the capability to work from ROM. The device is also compatible with the company’s FirmPSE system firmware, which offers a fully configurable solution for controlling multiple devices in systems providing up to 48-ports of 4-pair PoE power.

Dedicated per port ADCs offers continuous port current monitoring and the capability to produce parallel classification measurements for faster port turn-on times. A ±2.5% accurate programmable port power limit gives the capability to increase the maximum power sourced from 90W to upwards of 125W. The 200mOhm current sense resistor and external FET architecture enable designs to balance size, thermal, efficiency, and solution cost requirements.

Typical applications include enterprise and SoHo switches and routers, connected ceiling LED lighting switches, PoE Pass-through power modules, NVRs, and wireless backhaul and small cell networking.

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