New ultra-low IR Schottky barrier diodes optimised for automotive applications

22-11-2019 | ROHM Semiconductor | Semiconductors

ROHM now offers the 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes optimised for automotive applications incorporating powertrains and xEVs. The RBxx8BM/NS200 increases the RBxx8 lineup of SBDs allowing high-temperature operation that has already been proven in the Japanese automotive market. This new series provides ultra-low leakage current characteristics to deliver high withstand voltage of 200V. Replacing Fast Recovery Diodes and rectifier diodes generally utilised in vehicle systems with the company's new SBDs make it able to enhance forward voltage characteristics significantly (11% lower than conventional FRDs). This decreases application power losses and enables smaller package designs by decreasing heat generation, offering greater space savings.

The company has been providing the lineup of ultra-low IR SBDs that endure up to 150V compatible with high-temperature automotive conditions. This latest series adds 200V models to satisfy the new automotive demands.

The devices are targeted at automotive applications (i.e. xEVs) such as powertrain, industrial inverters, and various types of power supplies.

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