New ultra-cool heat sink family cools high powered devices

18-11-2019 | Advanced Thermal Solutions | Power

Advanced Thermal Solutions is now providing a family of ultra-high performance heat sinks for cooling high powered CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and AI processors. This family comprises active heat sinks with integral blowers and passive heat sinks that utilise available airflow to give thermal management.

The active heat sinks, dualFLOW and quadFLOW are created for usage on moderate to high component density PCBs, including 1U and 2U boards. The sinks feature an aluminium or copper straight fin base, with a powerful blower on top. dualFLOW heat sinks draw air from two opposite directions, and quadFLOW sinks pull air from four linear sides. The fast-moving, high volume air helps maximise thermal performance on congested boards and tight enclosures with inadequate airflow for passive cooling

The passive (fanless) cooling solutions in the company's ultra-cool family are straight-fin heat sinks. They are supplied in blue anodised aluminium or nickel-plated copper depending on thermal performance and weight demands. They are excellent for systems with open airflow from front to back. Aluminium fins lessen the overall weight, while copper fins disperse heat more efficiently for greater thermal performance.

The heat sinks can be securely connected using PEM screws and springs that give firm contact to the hot component for optimum heat dissipation. The cooling devices are offered with a vapour chamber base in place of an aluminium or copper heat sink base.

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