New global distribution agreement now offers sensors and sensing solutions

22-11-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Test & Measurement

Mouser has signed a global distribution agreement with Amphenol SSI. Through the agreement, the company now stocks an extensive line of Amphenol SSI products, including drum liquid level gauges, pressure sensors and gauges, and combination temperature and pressure gauges.

The P51 Pressure MediaSensor and P61 Pressure and Temperature MediaSensor families are micro-machined sensors ideal for measuring both harsh and benign media in a diversity of industrial, automotive, and commercial applications with superior accuracy. This family of devices are offered in absolute, vented gauge, or sealed gauge conventions, and measure pressures from 3PSI to 7500PSI. This family of transducers and transmitters are offered in absolute and sealed gauge configurations, and measure pressures from 100PSI to 3,000PSI.

The MediaGauge family are three standalone battery-operated digital pressure gauges, each comprising a piezoresistive pressure sensing element, a stainless steel input port, signal conditioning for temperature and calibration, and a four-digit display. These devices provide a variety of accuracies, user functions, media isolation, and output capabilities ideal for applications such as refrigeration, fuel cells, pumps, process control, hydraulics, pneumatics, compressors, and agriculture.

Digital Fluid-Trac devices are non-contact continuous drum liquid level gauges based on ultrasonic technology. The gauges incorporate an LCD (with 4-20mA output available) and are intended for use on standard 13, 30, and 55-gallon vertical drums storing a broad diversity of media such as water, wastewater, hydraulic fluid, motor oil, and diesel fuel.

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