Low EMI DC-DC regulator aids engineers to meet ever-tightening OEM standards

20-11-2019 | Allegro | Power

Allegro MicroSystems has launched the ARG81800, a robust, ultra-low Iq, low EMI DC-DC regulator excellent for keep-alive supply applications. The device sets a new standard, adding features that assist engineers to easily meet tightening OEM standards.

“The ARG81800 is at the forefront of technology,” explains Mark Gaboriault, marketing director at Allegro. “The features that we have added solve real-world challenges for our customers.”

The regulator only draws 8μA, from VIN while regulating 3.3V or 5Vout at no load. Compared to a typical ~100uA budgeted for automotive battery-powered subsystems, this low Iq solution frees up notable overhead to be allotted to other current draws that may transpire in the system, enabling more design margin.

“The onus of passing EMC has historically been solely on our customer,” explains Gaboriault. “We embraced the opportunity to offer solutions that make it easier for our customers to meet their EMC requirements, including reference designs and design notes.”

The device is capable of wide switching frequency up to 2.4MHz to evade critical 'keep out' zones (e.g., the AM band), as well as frequency dithering and slew rate control to reduce switching noise. It also provides unique 'dithering-on-sync' CLKOUT, which can be employed for other switching converters in the system.

The 150C Tj operating capability makes the device ideal for harsh underhood and industrial automation applications.

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