Expanded MCU ecosystem with ready to use partner solutions

14-11-2019 | Renesas | Semiconductors

Renesas Electronics Corporation today announced the first ten ready to use partner solutions that support the RA MCU Family of 32-bit Arm Cortex-M MCUs. These MCUs provide optimised performance and ease of use with the FSP and partner building block solutions that work out-of-box to address a variety of IoT endpoint and edge applications.

The MCU ecosystem currently has more than 30 partners with constant investments planned. Each partner’s building block solution will be identified with the RA READY badge and is intended to solve real-world customer problems. Ready to use RA solutions expedite time to market by offering plug and play options that enable a variety of IoT abilities like security, connectivity, AI, ML and HMI. Because the RA FSP is an open architecture, it allows customers to re-use their legacy code and combine it with software examples from the company and ecosystem partners to simply implement complex IoT capabilities.

“Explosive IoT growth has exponentially increased embedded design complexity over the last few years,” said Kaushal Vora, director of Strategic Partnerships and Global Ecosystem at Renesas Electronics Corporation. “Due to the dynamic nature of IoT devices combined with growing design problems and shrinking project timelines, designers struggle to deliver on-time products with competitive feature sets. Now, more than ever, customers need a flexible platform design approach leveraging pre-developed building blocks that work out of the box.”

“We are excited to work closely with Renesas to bring to market a broad range of ready to use RA MCU solutions that accelerate various aspects of the IoT,” said Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER. “Our emWin embedded GUI software, emCrypt, emSecure and Flasher Secure security software, embOS RTOS and middleware give designers all the required tools they need to build their products.”

By Natasha Shek