Embedded switch mode power supply offers a long product life expectancy

06-11-2019 | RS Components | Power

The TDK Lambda GXE600 Switching Power Supplies, available now from RS Components, are single output 600W programmable medical and ITE power supplies. These power supplies provide constant current modes, constant voltage, monitoring, and programming functions. These switching power supplies provide up to 95% efficiency at 230VAC of an input voltage. These power supplies include low audible noise, reduce the risk of foreign materials, and lengthened product life. The power supplies are provided with a broad operating range of CVCC functionality to run at the fixed output voltage.

The devices offer a long product life expectancy of seven years (ambient temperature of 50C, output power of 600W, continuous power supply of 24 hours a day). The device has a low profile of just 41mm height (1U size).

Applications include measuring equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, railways, and battery application.

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