Digital Class-D audio amplifiers provide a cost-effective digital input solution

07-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments TAS5806MD Digital Closed-loop Class-D Audio Amplifiers provide a cost-effective digital input solution featuring low power dissipation and sound enrichment. The device gives an integrated audio processor and 96kHz architecture that sustains advanced audio process flow, including SRC, 15 BQs per channel, audio mixing, volume control, full-band AGL, three-band 4th order DRC, THD manager, and level meter.

Employing the hybrid modulation scheme, the device uses a very-low quiescent current (16.5mA at 13.5V PVDD) and provides a long battery life in portable audio applications. Using advanced EMI suppression technology developers can leverage inexpensive ferrite bead filters to decrease board space and system costs for applications under 10W. The device has an integrated Directpath Headphone amplifier and line driver to improve the system-level integration and lessen total solution costs.

The device is targeted at LCD TV, OLED TV, wireless speaker, smart speaker with voice assistant, soundbar, wired speaker, bookshelf stereo system, AV receiver, smart home and IoT appliance applications.

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