Development kit enables easy sensor module integration

01-11-2019 | RS Components | Development Boards

TE Connectivity’s AmbiMate Sensor Module MS4 Development Kits, available now from RS Components, enable a developer, with the employment of some downloadable code, to connect to a Raspberry Pi or Arduino and begin collecting data within 30 minutes. The sensor module series offers an application-specific set of sensors on a ready to attach PCB assembly for simple integration into a host product. Design resources are released and time to market hastened by integrating the series pre-engineered, four core sensor solution for Motion, Light, Temperature, and Humidity into the user's next product.

Other modules include VOC, eCO2 and sound detection. Add the ability to monitor air quality through the capture of VOC concentrations. Select a series with a microphone to augment motion detection or to listen for sound events.

All series sensor modules provide the flexibility of sharing a common seven-position connection. This enables the designer to plan a single PCB footprint containing all the available sensor configurations at production.

Typical applications include indoor lighting, building automation, connected home, air quality, energy management, work space comfort, and zonal environmental controls.

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