CMOS device has high output drive with low static power dissipation

20-11-2019 | Texas Instruments | Power

Texas Instruments SN74LVC1G32-Q1 Automotive Catalog Single 2-Input Positive-OR Gate offers a VCC operation of 1.65V to 5.5V and low power consumption of 10µA. The device provides the Boolean function in positive logic.

The device is a CMOS device offering high output drive while preserving low static power dissipation over a wide VCC operating range. The device is offered in a broad diversity of packages, including the small DRY package with a body size of 1.45mm x 1mm.

Some of the multiple applications the device is suitable for include AV receiver, Blu-ray player and home theatre, digital picture frame, embedded PC, IP phone, high-speed data acquisition and generation, motor control, optical networking, personal navigation device (GPS), portable media player, private branch exchange , server PSU, SSD TV, telecom shelter, pmu, wireless battery monitoring, remote electrical tilt unit, remote radio uni, tower mounted amplifier; video conferencing, vector signal analyzer and generator, WiMAX and wireless infrastructure equipment, and wireless headset, keyboard, mouse, and repeater.

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