Brushless motor driver ICs provide energy savings for many applications

25-11-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Toshiba Brushless Motor Driver ICs, available now from Mouser, provide energy-saving and quiet motor operation in BLDC motors that are employed for a mixture of applications. To enhance motor drive efficiency, a complicated process of lead angle adjustment is frequently required. The company's motor drive controllers, with InPAC technology, serve to solve this problem and deliver optimal efficiency.

When a BLDC motor is driven with a sine wave, variations in the RPM of a motor subject to the effect of its impedance create a phase difference within its voltage and current. This difference reduces drive efficiency. Because of this difference, a phase adjustment is required to increase efficiency. InPAC technology compares the relationship between the current phase (current information) and the voltage phase (Hall-effect signal). It then gives feedback to the motor current control signal to modify its phase relationship automatically. As a result, InPAC technology produces high efficiency.

To obtain the highest efficiency employing conventional technology, the user must modify a phase difference between the voltage and current of a motor at several points in its operating RPM range. In contrast, InPAC technology enables the user to automatically alter the phases of a motor's voltage and current and thereby obtain the highest efficiency over the whole operating RPM range only through initialisation. Therefore, InPAC technology assists in reducing the development workload.

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