TVS diode products featuring high peak power and current ratings to protect sensitive electronics

25-10-2019 | Bourns | Semiconductors

Bourns has introduced its Model 15KPA-SD-Q TVS diode series. The company produced its latest TVS diodes for use in DC bus clamping applications, and to protect sensitive electronics applications against overvoltage transients. Also, these new protection devices are AEC-Q101- compliant making them excellent protection solutions for applications that demand high reliability such as in power supplies and equipment employed in harsh environments.

The series provides superior performance from its high peak pulse power (10/1000μs) rating of 15kW and high peak pulse current (8/20μs) rating of 1kA. These new protection components also offer lower clamping voltage under surge, performance stability and increased reliability in comparison to competing MOV technology.

The series is supplied in a surface-mount DO-218AB package ideal for automated pick and place assembly and reflow processes. Manufacturing production costs can be decreased, and PCB assembly is simplified utilising surface-mount components in comparison to similar products with traditional through-hole packages.

Available now, series is RoHS-compliant and halogen-free.

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