Power line filters available in standard or medical versions

15-10-2019 | RS Components | Passives

The Schurter IEC Appliance Inlet C14 with filter, circuit breaker TA35 (recessed) is a power line filter that provides an electronic filter to deliver appropriate frequency characteristics to electrical circuits. These filters connect an electronic device with an external line to reduce conducted frequencies like RFI or EMI between the equipment and the connecting power line. This stops any degradation in the circuit's performance.

The filters offer panel mounting with either screw-on or snap-in mounting from the front side. The device provides three functions which include appliance inlet protection, circuit breaker type TA35 two-pole, and line filter in standard and medical version. The terminals are quick connect 6.3mm x 0.8mm. All single elements are already wired with the circuit Breaker non-illuminated or illuminated.

This power line filter is available for both general or medical applications.

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