Power connectors when a durable latch locking connector is needed

04-10-2019 | TTI Europe | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Amphenol Entertainment HPT Series connectors are ideal for AC power supply where a durable latch locking connector is needed. These connectors are available now from TTI Europe. They are rated at 16A, 250 Vac. The series can be connected or disconnected under load and are IP65 rated.

The connectors feature a 2+PE contact layout, with quick release and vibration resistant latch lockable. The devices are constructed from high impact UV resistant material. The connectors are IP65 rated, UL498 certified, and UL50E enclosure type 4 (when mated or in combination with protective caps).

Typical application fields include amplifiers, stage lighting equipment, LED panels, laser machines, fog and fire machines, automotive battery connectivity (high power usage), and equipment that requires power connector with CBC feature.

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