PoE PD and DC-DC controller aids superior reliability and circuit protection

21-10-2019 | Mouser Electronics | Semiconductors

Kinetic Technologies KTA1137A 30W PoE PD and DC-DC Controller is a single chip, highly integrated CMOS solution for devices powered by PoE, and available now from Mouser. The device needs input power of up to 30W. The device addresses both EMI emission concerns and surge/overvoltage protection in PoE applications. It also features integrated input surge protection, a PD controller, and a low-emission DC-DC controller. The device implements all the physical layer PD functionality, as dictated by IEEE 802.3af-2005 and IEEE 802.3at-2009 standards. This includes two-event classification, Type 2 PSE detection indicator (ATDET), PD detection, UVLO and Hot-Swap FET integration.

The device's design implements many features that reduce transmission of system common-mode noise onto the UTP. On-chip integration of surge protection gives a faster response to surge events and limits stray surge currents from passing through sensitive circuits. The device gives safe, low-impedance discharge paths directly to the earth ground, which facilitates superior reliability and circuit protection.

The device is suitable for the following applications: VoIP phones; wireless LAN access points, WIMAX terminals; PTZ security and web-cameras; ATA; PoS terminals; RFID terminals; notebook computers; and FTTH terminals.

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